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8:51 p.m. - 2013-10-06
Today, he finally admitted to this thing with T.

Which he doesn't know what it is.
And he doesn't know what he wants.
And he doesn't know who he wants it with.
And he just wants to run away from it all.

I know the feeling, and yet I'm here trying to sort it out, instead of hiding and trying to run away from it.
I'd rather have the answers than go on wasting my time here, getting hurt.

He says, as though it should be some consolation, that he is much more attracted to me than he is to them.
I wonder if there are more?

He says that it was seeing K that made him realize that going on dates with her did not detract from what he has with me.
I told him that personally, I feel that it adds; he sees her, and he comes back nearly effervescent with the experience.
Of course I enjoy that he is gleeful!

And so he thinks that it is ok for me to date.

I think so too, but I still don't feel like we are on the same page.

I don't even think we are using the same book.



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